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Field Proven to Block Ransomware from Data Sources in Seconds, Disables “Patient Zero” Ransomware Carriers.

VEJLE, Denmark and WILMINGTON, DE, May 2, 2023BullWall, global leaders in ransomware containment, announced today its expansion into North America after seeing great success in Europe. The company provides a fully automated, patented last line of defense against ransomware now used in many European mission-critical enterprises across industries such as healthcare, education and government.

BullWall has experienced significant growth in recent years due to its innovative solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s expansion into North America is a natural next step in its growth trajectory, as it seeks to further expand its customer base and continue providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our operations into North America,” said Michael Slipsager, CEO of BullWall. “Our success in Europe has been a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we look forward to bringing our innovative solutions to businesses across North America. BullWall has proven to be an effective last line of defense against active attacks, protecting data stores when all else fails.”

BullWall brings new vigilance to the protection of data. It continuously monitors file shares, application servers and database servers in the cloud and in the data center, preventing server data encryption within seconds and thwarting attempts to both encrypt and exfiltrate data.

“Ransomware is capable of infecting up to 25,000 files per minute per infected device, and in the U.S. alone there were over 217 million attacks in 2022 according to Statistica, making the U.S. the most targeted country in the world. The ability to detect and contain the outbreak within seconds is a game changer. We believe that our solutions make a real difference in the fight against cyber threats,” said Steve Hahn, EVP of Americas at BullWall. “We are excited to bring our expertise to North America and help businesses protect themselves against the growing number of threats they face every day.”

BullWall’s launch in North America includes the appointment of two accomplished executives to its seasoned management team.

Carol Volk has been appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer of BullWall. Carol brings a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategic marketing initiatives for leading technology companies. She has held leadership roles at several cybersecurity companies, where she has helped drive growth and increase brand awareness. At BullWall, Carol will oversee all aspects of marketing, including brand strategy, digital marketing, product marketing, and demand generation. She will work closely with the rest of the executive team to drive the go-to-market strategy and accelerate growth.

Steve Hahn has been appointed Executive Vice President of America Sales. Steve is an accomplished security sales leader with a background spanning start-ups, Fortune 100, PE owned and publicly held companies. He has a 15+ year record of leading teams past quota targets and EBITDA expectations. At BullWall, Steve will be responsible for recruiting channel partners and driving sales operations in North and South America, which includes developing and executing sales strategies to achieve revenue targets, managing and coaching sales teams to support its partners, building and maintaining relationships with customers and partners, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive business growth.

In addition to these two key hires, BullWall is expected to drive job creation in coming months, as the company expands and establishes itself as a leader in the North American cybersecurity industry.

“BullWall comes to the North American market with so many proven examples of having shut down ransomware attacks within seconds at several of Europe’s top companies and organizations,” said Steen Lomholt-Thomsen, Chairman of the Board, BullWall.

“The wealth of experience and leadership that Carol and Steve bring to BullWall are pivotal to our successful expansion into North America, which has experienced firsthand the impacts of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure. In the short time they’ve been with us, both have already made a significant impact, and we are excited to provide new channel partners and customers with the game-changing last line of defense against ransomware that BullWall provides.”

For more information about BullWall’s solutions and services, visit the company’s website at


BullWall is a cybersecurity solution provider with a dedicated focus on protecting data and critical IT infrastructure during active ransomware attacks. We are able to contain both known and zero day ransomware variants in seconds, preventing both data encryption and exfiltration. BullWall is the last line of defense for active attacks.

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