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More than 70% of government institutions reported a ransomware attack in 2023 with these attacks coming not only from professional ransomware gangs, but also state sponsored bad actors looking to cause wide spread disruption to public services and critical infrastructure. While government agencies understand the issue and are making strides to stop attacks, these are becoming ever more sophisticated with the use of Zero Day exploits and artificial intelligence.

In order to stop these attacks, security personnel face multiple common strategies such as phishing emails, compromised websites, and DDoS attacks as well as bring-your-own-device policies, which gives cybercriminals new entry points onto networks. Traditional solutions no longer offer the level of protection needed to keep critical infrastructure and members of the public safe. Data breaches within government organizations cost billions, cause untold damage and threaten national security.

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of local and federal government institutions reported a ransomware attack in 2023


Average cost of ransomware payout in government sector


files disrupted on average per attack

Think your institution is protected from the growing risk of ransomware? Find out for sure.

Why BullWall?

Ransomware is now the greatest cyber and organised crime threat to local and national critical infrastructure. The significant impact on victims due to financial, data and service losses, which can lead to business closure, inaccessible public services and compromised customer data cannot be underestimated or ignored.

BullWall provides a last line of defense designed to stop ransomware once it has bypassed traditional preventative measures. The solution leverages 28 detection sensors and machine-learning capabilities to instantly detect illegitimate encryption and exfiltration.

Once detected the solution immediately and automatically activates an isolation and containment protocol for compromised users and devices initiating abnormal encryption, stopping the attack in its tracks with minimal disruption.

We cannot take our eyes off the ball, and BullWall Ransomware Containment has given us the additional eyes to help tackle this type of activity.- IT Manager of Large UK Council


BullWall uses 28 sensors and machine learning to monitor file activity and identify abnormal events.


BullWall stops active attacks, quarantine the infected user & device, and protect your critical IT infrastructure.


BullWall notifies your IT team within seconds and provide a report of compromised devices and files to expedite recovery.

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No Encryption,
No Ransom

BullWall eliminates ransom demands by stopping malicious encryption in seconds.

No Exfiltration,
No Extortion

BullWall minimizes extortion and protects PHI by preventing malicious data exfiltration.

No Downtime,
No Worries

BullWall thwarts and isolates attacks before the damage can spread, so there’s no downtime.

The only solution of its kind

BullWall is designed as a lightweight, agentless solution that is easy to implement and operate allowing government institutions to automate their ransomware protection for 24/7 coverage. The system integrates with the other solutions in your security stack and requires no hands-on monitoring, ideal for organizations of all sizes.


BullWall is currently protecting over 130,000+ government employees around the world, enabling them to:

  • Prevent data breaches
  • Stop the exfiltration of information
  • Safeguard essential services
  • Maintain public safety