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With ransomware attacks increasing by more than 232% over the last four years, cyber insurers are enforcing stricter coverage requirements. Even with guidelines in place, ransomware attacks cost companies an average of $4.62 million to recover. As more organizations seek to protect themselves with cyber insurance and payouts surge, insurance premiums are also surging. In 2022, rates increased by an average of 74%, on top of an increase of 94% in 2021.

In addition, a company that experiences a ransomware attack is 80% more likely to suffer a second attack. With a containment solution, cybercriminals have no incentive to attempt a second attack after the first one fails.

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Increase in ransomware attacks over the last 4 years


Average cost of recovery


Increase in cyber insurance rates

BullWall offers the only ransomware containment solution that automatically contains an attack in progress. With BullWall, your organization may also be eligible for discounted cyber liability insurance premiums.

Why BullWall?

Commonly used EDR security solutions can’t keep up with ever-evolving cybercriminals and attack vectors. Sooner or later, a ransomware agent will slip through.

When a ransomware attack begins, BullWall detects the abnormal file activity, stops file encryption within seconds, quarantines the infected user and protects your critical IT infrastructure and data storage – on-premises and in the cloud.

Thanks to BullWall, our school's cyber security policy was successfully renewed, even as other schools were being dropped. It even helped us qualify for a discount.-Technology Director of a New York University


BullWall uses 28 sensors and machine learning to monitor file activity and identify abnormal events.


BullWall stops active attacks, quarantine the infected user & device, and protect your critical IT infrastructure.


BullWall notifies your IT team within seconds and provide a report of compromised devices and files to expedite recovery.

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No Encryption,
No Ransom

BullWall eliminates ransom demands by stopping malicious encryption in seconds.

No Exfiltration,
No Extortion

BullWall minimizes extortion and protects PII by preventing malicious data exfiltration.

No Downtime,
No Worries

BullWall thwarts and isolates attacks before the damage can spread, so there’s no downtime.

The only solution of its kind

The only solution of its kind, BullWall is agentless, lightweight, and easy to get up and running. Entirely automated, the system requires no hands-on monitoring and can be integrated with your other security solutions.