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The healthcare industry is a prime target for ransomware attacks, as patient data can fetch a high price of $250 on the black market, and the attack disrupts patient care, even putting lives at risk.

To protect against these threats, IT administrators must tackle common attack strategies like phishing emails, compromised websites, and DDoS attacks. Moreover, they face a complex cybersecurity landscape due to the growing adoption of cutting-edge medical devices and online portals, which present additional vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to access confidential health information (PHI).

Data breaches in healthcare can result in the disruption of patient services, hefty fines for HIPAA violations, and damage to your organization’s reputation.

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Increase in healthcare ransomware attacks in the first half of 2022


Average cost of a data breach in healthcare


Average days without access to online patient records

Think you’re protected from ever-increasing ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations? Find out for sure.

Why BullWall?

Data security in healthcare has never been more important. Healthcare professionals find preventative solutions are no longer enough to safeguard patient information against cyber criminals. With a wide range of vulnerable entry points and innovative attack strategies, sooner or later, ransomware will slip through. That’s when BullWall steps in.

BullWall provides an automated ransomware containment solution as a proactive approach to data security, allowing healthcare organizations to detect, contain, and recover from a ransomware attack before it causes significant damage.

The solution operates by automatically quarantining the infected users and devices, preventing the ransomware from spreading across your critical IT infrastructure and medical data – both on-premises and in the cloud. Reducing the risk of security breaches and ensuring hospitals are able to operate without  a lapse in patient care.

All healthcare organizations should deploy BullWall in my opinion. I have never seen a cyber security solution provide this level of containment and protection against ransomware attacks.- CIO of Irish Healthcare Organization


BullWall uses 28 sensors and machine learning to monitor file activity and identify abnormal events.


BullWall stops active attacks, quarantine the infected user & device, and protect your critical IT infrastructure.


BullWall notifies your IT team within seconds and provide a report of compromised devices and files to expedite recovery.

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No Encryption,
No Ransom

BullWall eliminates ransom demands by stopping malicious encryption in seconds.

No Exfiltration,
No Extortion

BullWall minimizes extortion and protects PHI by preventing malicious data exfiltration.

No Downtime,
No Worries

BullWall thwarts and isolates attacks before the damage can spread, so there’s no downtime.

The only solution of its kind

BullWall is designed to be easy to implement and operate, enabling healthcare organizations to respond quickly to an attack and reduce downtime. Entirely automated, the system requires no hands-on monitoring and can be integrated with your other security solutions.


BullWall is currently protecting over 70,000+ healthcare professionals around the world, enabling organizations to:

  • Prevent healthcare data breaches
  • Stop the exfiltration of PHI and PII
  • Protect EMR/EHR systems and IT infrastructure
  • Ensure continuity of healthcare services
  • Generate HIPAA data breach reporting