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Sold 100% Via Channel Partners Throughout Europe, BullWall Blocks Ransomware Attacks in <10 Seconds. 77% of Organizations That Took Ransomware Assessments Became Customers in 2022.

VEJLE, Denmark and WILMINGTON, DE, May 2, 2023BullWall, global leaders in ransomware containment, today introduced its North American Channel Partner Program in support of its fully automated last line of defense against ransomware now used in many European mission critical enterprises. BullWall also launched in the North American Market and announced new executive appointments (see North American launch press release here).

Chris Byrne, Sales Director at Avoira said: “We’ve seen time and again that ransomware breaks through endpoint and AV defenses, and directly targets file share resources. Once it breaks through, every second counts and the network is often seized within mere minutes. BullWall shuts down ransomware attacks in under ten seconds – remarkable, but true!”

BullWall, which has enjoyed strong success in Europe since 2016 and launched today in the North American market, thwarts file encryption and data exfiltration attempts in seconds, before damage can be done. It continuously monitors file shares, application servers and database servers in the cloud and in the data center. It automatically activates an isolation and containment protocol for compromised users and devices that initiate abnormal encryption – typically in under ten seconds.

BullWall will sell 100% through sales channel partners and integrators in the North American market, and the channel program introduced today features:

  • Education and support that equip its partners to share BullWall’s unmatched ransomware kill switch capabilities with customers;
  • Free customer assessments for environments with 250 Active Directory users or more, as well as support for smaller customer environments;
  • On-site pre-sale support from BullWall’s sales engineers, including demos and ransomware assessments or pentests;
  • Superb post-sales customer service and support; and
  • Industry-leading revenue sharing, reflecting and fueling BullWall’s commitment to grow with and through its expert partners.

“Fully 77% of our clients who have taken a ransomware assessment have learned that they’re far more vulnerable to ransomware lockdowns and extortions than they’d believed, and become customers within 90 days. Moreover, BullWall’s dedication to selling exclusively through channels and integrators such as Avoira is reflected in their superb pre- and post-sales support. They have proven to be an exceptional solutions partner for us.”

“Securing the organization against ransomware and its data thefts, exfiltrations, extortions and reputational damage is one of the most important steps that organizations can take, as the last eighteen months have demonstrated,” said Steve Hahn, EVP Americas, BullWall. “Integrators are the front line defenders that user organizations depend upon to strengthen their defenses, and avoid the existential crises that ransomware causes.

“Our channel partners are invaluable allies in advancing customer security and in helping drive growth,” Steve said. “Our European markets have seen tremendous growth and customer loyalty with BullWall. They have also confirmed time and again that whenever ransomware gets in – and sooner or later, it always does – BullWall shuts it down within seconds. With our North American launch today, we are actively seeking partners to join us in protecting the North American user community.”

Regardless of ransomware’s entry point, BullWall reacts immediately when ransomware indicators of compromise (IoCs) are evident, halting the active attack. BullWall seamlessly integrates with all major SIEM and Network Access Control (NAC) solutions through JSON or a full featured REST API and pre-configured scripts. Most integrations are complete in under an hour.

About BullWall:

BullWall is a cybersecurity solution provider with a dedicated focus on protecting data and critical IT infrastructure during active ransomware attacks. We are able to contain both known and zero day ransomware variants in seconds, preventing both data encryption and exfiltration. BullWall is the last line of defense for active attacks. For more information, visit

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